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1968 Ghia Serenissima

The Serenissima Ghia (also known as the Aghema) was a mid-engined GT concept car designed by Tom Tjaarda and displayed at Turin in 1968. The car featured a 3 litre V8 engine.

Scuderia Serenissima was a successful auto racing team in the early 1960s. Funded by Giovanni Volpi, Serenissima used Ferraris to much success until the founder financed the exiled Ferrari company, ATS. Thereafter, Enzo Ferrari would no longer sell his cars to Serenissima, so the company turned to De Tomaso, ATS, and Maserati.

The company also developed Formula One cars, using McLaren and Lola chassis. Another V8, developed by Jaguar, found its way into a single-seat closed sports car built by Carrozzeria Sports Cars in 1969. The final Serenissima car was designed by Ghia that same year. Using the same Jaguar V8, the Aghema GT featured modern sharp styling, but never reached production. Volpi, and thus Serenissima, halted automobile operations before 1970.

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