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1967 Ed Roth’s “Mega Cycle”

Mega Cycle started in the mid-60s to imagine what a 21st century El Camino would look like. Original concept sketches were drawn up by a guy named Ed Newton, and the car was originally designed to carry Big Daddy's custom Harley-Davidson XLCH Sportster until he traded up to a show-stopping Triumph custom.

Powered by a Buick V6, Mega Cycle originally called Captain Pepi's Motorcycle, and Zeppelin Repair, which was changed by car show promoters, did the car show circuit for about a year until Big Daddy traded it to a junkyard owner for the rear clip out of a VW Bug. The car sat in front of the junkyard for a year, where it served as a sign for the yard and, sadly, a home for the yard's resident dogs. When Big Daddy came to pick it up a year later, the interior was utterly trashed. Roth traded it again, and the car changed hands numerous times throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. During that time, it was restored a couple of times, toured on the show car circuit again, lost its Triumph, regained its Triumph, and generally lived a hard-knock life.

Source: Jason Marker (2018) via