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1966 DAF Amfirol

Auger DAF Amfirol, built in 1966, could swim and drive up to 35 km/h on land. At the same time, the auger was equipped with ... a V-belt variator!. The DAF Amphirol was not built by DAF. It was created by a private individual (Jo de Bakker) as a hobby.

This vehicle has 2 DAF 750 cc engines with two variomatic gearboxes. This means there is one engine and one gearbox for each roll. The vehicle screws itself forward or reverses by rotating the rolls in the opposite direction. The absolute joke of this vehicle is that a variomatic gearbox gives the same speed ahead and reverse. So if you rotate both rolls in the same direction, this vehicle moves at a frightening pace sideways. By changing the parallel angle of the rolls, steering sideways works fine—tAt the same time, the sides were closed. The 2 DAF engines were later replaced with 2 NSU rotary engines.


Images: Archives of The DAF Museum