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1963 Chevrolet Corvair Coupé Speciale by Pininfarina

In 1960, Pininfarina put forward a project of their own, providing the attractive, if controversial, rear-engine Corvair chassis with a body. This version was the first of two chasses to be bodied by Pininfarina in the following three years. The first version was shown at the Paris and Turin salons in 1960. Two years later, at the Paris salon, the chassis was shown again, this time a less radical but more convincing project involving a lot of work. Finally, the example shown here was probably the most successful of the group.

By 1963, it managed to be a four-seater or at least a 2 + 2 and remains forever, as so much of Pininfarina's work "variations on a theme." This car was at the Pininfarina museum for many years and eventually made its way to the US. The car was restored several years ago by a noted restorer. This is a highly unusual car and a one-off designed Corvair. Some sources refer to this prototype as the "1963 Chevrolet Corvair Coupé II by Pininfarina".

View all three prototypes:

Source: Barrett-Jackson

Images: Pininfarina;;; Concept Car Central; montanaman1's photostream

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