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1961 Lancia Flaminia Spider 'Amalfi' by Boneschi

In the early 1960s, industrial designer Rodolfo Bonetto designed numerous cars for Boneschi. Bonetto became one the greatest Italian names in architecture and industrial design, creating everything from household appliances to furniture. He had an excellent eye for scaling and determining what looked ‘right’ and was a talented technical draftsman. He worked with numerous companies, designing bodies for Vignale, Viotti, and Boneschi. In 1962, he drew the Lancia Flaminia Spider, a compact and attractive design. He also designed the Boneschi Maserati 3500 GT, which was given the curious name “Tight” in 1962. Bonetto also penned the lovely Boneschi OSCA 1600 GT “Swift” in 1963.


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