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1959 Abarth 850 Spyder Riviera by Allemano

The Allemano-bodied Fiat-Abarth 850 Spider Riviera and Coupe Scorpione were first shown at the Geneva Salon in 1959. The engine is a Fiat-based 850 single-cam unit that develops 51 hp at 6000 rpm. The overall length is 3,600 mm, the overall width is 1,420 mm, the height is 1,200 mm, and the weight is 610 kg (1,345 lb). The claimed top speed is 154 km/h. The Allemano Abarths are very rare. Pat Braden and Greg Schmidt wrote in 1983: “The Fiat Abarth 850 Allemano Riviera is perhaps the best looking rear-engined Abarth Spider ever built. If you can find one, pay the man what he asks.”

Abarth sold only a few of them. The rest of the cars were sold by Allemano to Cisitalia Argentina ICSA in Buenos Aires, without engines, gearboxes, etc. The Spyders were sold as Cisitalia Spyder Abarth Gran Sport and were equipped with the original Abarth 850 technique identical to the Italian version. The Argentinian Cisitalia versions were the same as the Fiat-Abarths, except for a Cisitalia badge on the front and the chassis numbers.