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1958 Tornado Cars LTD Typhoon Sportsbrake

Tornados were a British outfit that built cars in the '50s and until 1964 when they stopped producing cars and became a successful body shop. Their vehicles had very cool names like; Typhoon, Tempest, Thunderbolt, and of course Sportbrake. They were an early version of today's kit cars by being available fully built or as a kit and had a fiberglass body. They were a bit rough by some standards, but they were easy to work with a 1172cc side valved flat head from a Ford 10 and basic mechanicals. The '10' stood for 10hp; however, the Ford 10 could be modified to produce decent horsepower. You will find lots of British 'Specials' from this era used the Ford 10 motor as a base, and it was good, as proven by their race results.