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1958 Ford X2000

This astonishing recreation (original is depicted in the first picture) is the Ford X2000, a styling fantasy from 1958, what the Ford designers thought we’d be driving in the year 2000. The 1958 Ford X2000 in the photos is a recreation built by Andy Saunders who used a 1962 Mercury Monterey which donated its frame, suspension and running gear!

Like Tremulis’s X-1000 that preceded the X-2000, little on the car was meant to predict the shapes or features of Fords of the immediate future; they were intended to be advanced concepts of the far-flung automotive future. However, the Farrells note that the X-2000′s grille shape certainly predicted the Edsel’s horse-collar grille. Not many automotive historians connect Tremulis to the Edsel’s most distinctive shape today, possibly because the X-2000 was only completed as a 3/8-scale model (a full-size clay was in the works, but was canceled before completion) and only shown in person at the Ford Rotunda.