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1958 Buick XP-75 Concept by Pininfarina

This was a two-passenger coupe with twin white leather bucket seats. It was hand-built by Pininfarina in Turin, Italy. Its wing-like rear fins became a 1959 Buick styling feature, and its sculptured metal side treatment is a hallmark of the 1960 Buick line. Features included power windows, air conditioning, paddle-type door releases, floor-mounted transmission lever, vertically indicating radio, and a specially designed steering wheel. The engine was a 348-cubic-inch V-8. This car, featured in GM's Golden Milestone Parade in 1958, no longer exists.

In the distant now fifty-eighth corporation General Motors equaled half a century. On the occasion of the "golden jubilee" or, more simply, the "glorious fiftieth anniversary," a ceremonial exhibition of the latest achievements of the jubilee corporation was organized. And especially for this exhibition, a unique two-seater car Buick XP-75 was ordered in Italy from the famous Pininfarina company. Now, from the height of past years, we can see that his wings are just like those of the production models of 1959, and the relief of the sidewalls is like that of the production models of 1960. But no one knew this - after all, even until 1959, and even more so until 1960, one still had to live!

The 1958 Buick XP-75 prototype was all-metal, with top-quality natural white leather trim. The windows were electric, and the transmission was "automatic," but with a lever on the floor, that is, on the Cardan tunnel, and not on the steering column; there was air conditioning, a built-in radio with a vertical dial, and a solid 5.7-liter V-8 under the hood. Yes, all for the same reason - this car was not preserved; it did not reach us, the descendants. The Italian masters were fond of hiding their flaws with a thick layer of primer or even melted the bodies with tin: handmade, what do you want! .. So this insanely beautiful Buick XP-75, most likely, has rotted in the most vulgar way. It's a pity. These cars need to live.

Images: Pininfarina