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1957 Fiat 500 Spider by Ghia Aigle

The Fiat 500 is a beloved classic car that has been popular for decades. In 1957, the Italian car manufacturer collaborated with coachbuilder Ghia Aigle to create a unique version of the iconic car: the Fiat 500 Spider.

The Ghia Aigle version of the Fiat 500 was a two-seater convertible with a sleek and sporty design. The body was made entirely of aluminum, which helped to reduce the car's weight and improve its performance. The car was also equipped with a more powerful engine than the standard Fiat 500, allowing it to reach a top speed of 80 mph.

The exterior of the Fiat 500 Spider was designed with a distinctive sloping front end, which gave the car a more aerodynamic profile. The car was also fitted with a chrome grille, unique headlamps, and a polished metal trim. The windshield was designed to be foldable, giving the car a more open feel when the top was down.

Inside, the Fiat 500 Spider was just as stylish as the exterior. The seats were upholstered in luxurious leather, and the dashboard and door panels were finished in polished wood. The car was also equipped with a radio and a heater, making it a comfortable ride even in cooler weather.

Unfortunately, despite its unique design and impressive performance, the Fiat 500 Spider was not a commercial success. Only a handful of the cars were ever produced, making it a rare and sought-after collectible for car enthusiasts today.

Overall, the 1957 Fiat 500 Spider by Ghia Aigle was a beautiful and innovative twist on the classic Fiat 500. Its distinctive design and impressive performance make it a true gem in the history of Italian automobiles.

Images: Fiat