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1955 Pontiac Strato-Star Concept

The 1955 Pontiac Strato-Star Concept, unveiled at the 1955 GM Motorama in New York City, encapsulated an era of daring automotive design. This 6-passenger coupe, powered by a modified 1955 Pontiac V8 engine producing 235 horsepower, showcased an innovative blend of style and function. Standing at a mere 53 inches in height, the Strato-Star boasted sleek lines, including scalloped front wheel openings, a distinctive gull-wing front bumper, and an avant-garde cantilevered roof.

The exterior design incorporated intriguing details, such as hinged 6-inch roof panels that automatically opened and closed with the doors, underscoring its forward-thinking approach. Fresh air intakes above the single headlights and parking lamps suspended beneath the front bumper further contributed to its distinctive appearance. Drawing inspiration from California Customizers of the time, the rear design embraced rolled pan styling, nerf bar bumperettes, and frenched visored taillights. With fiberglass door trim panels enhancing the interior, the Strato-Star Concept not only offered a glimpse into the future but also reflected the spirit of innovation that defined the 1950s automotive landscape.

Source:; Bill Bowman -

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