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1955 Ford Mystere Concept

In 1955, Ford unveiled a truly groundbreaking concept car that captivated the automotive world with its futuristic design and innovative features - the 1955 Ford Mystere. This rear-engine concept boasted an eye-catching glass dome that not only served as the roof and windshield but also lifted up to provide a unique entry and exit experience for passengers.

Sleek Design and Innovative Features

The Mystere was showcased during the 1956 Chicago extravaganza and featured a gas turbine powerplant, offering a glimpse into the potential future of automotive propulsion. Though it lacked an engine at the time of display, the design accommodated a rear deck space where one could be fitted.

The car's cargo and spare tire were ingeniously tucked under the front hood, allowing for a spacious and uncluttered interior. The canopy, hinged at the back, could be opened up to an impressive 70-degree angle, providing a refreshing open-air feel.

Aeronautical-inspired Elements

The 1955 Ford Mystere embraced aeronautical design influences, evident in its periscope-type scoop on the roof. This scoop functioned as an air inlet, ensuring a steady flow of fresh air into the 4-passenger cockpit. The front bumper pods were designed as air cooler reservoirs, showcasing Ford's attention to efficient cooling solutions.

Innovative Steering and Dual Operation

Inside the Mystere, occupants found an aircraft-inspired control stick for steering, adding to the car's futuristic appeal. What made it even more intriguing was the unique "dual operation" capability, allowing the steering control stick to swing from one seat to the other. This feature provided flexibility, enabling the car to be driven from either of the front seats.

Modern Comfort and Entertainment

Ford integrated modern features to enhance comfort and convenience. The car featured a push-button ignition switch for easy startup, a padded dash for added safety, and a novel touch - a television set positioned behind the front seat to entertain passengers during their journeys.

Looking Back to the Future

The 1955 Ford Mystere Concept was a true representation of Ford's innovative spirit, pushing the boundaries of automotive design and technology. While the Mystere never entered mass production, its influence on the automotive industry and design trends cannot be denied. The concept remains a fascinating piece of automotive history, a visionary glimpse into what the future of driving might have looked like.