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1954 Pontiac Strato Streak

The 1954 Pontiac Strato Streak was a special car with a sleek design. It had four doors and no center post between them, inspired by European cars like Lancia. It had a straight-eight engine, which was last used in that year. The car's fate is unknown.

The Strato Streak was based on the Pontiac Catalina and had a unique feature – no post between the doors, making it open up fully. It had four separate seats, and the front seats could turn to make getting in easier. The car had controls for various accessories on the drive shaft tunnel.

Built on a 124-inch wheelbase, the Strato Streak was lower than regular cars at the time, standing at 54.7 inches. Inside, it had beige leather seats and special nylon fabric with gold threads. The car had slim pillars around the back window, and the rear doors opened against the wind, with locks to prevent opening while moving.

Initially painted metallic green, the car's fiberglass body was later changed to iridescent metallic red, and it was called the Strato Streak II.

Source & Images: GM Heritage Center