1935 Car of the Future

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

“A motor car that runs on air-filled spheres, instead of wheels and tyres of conventional form, is the invention of a German designer. All parts of the new vehicle, he maintains, merge into a highly streamlined shape, thus minimising air resistance. The globe-shaped tyres require no mudguards, and dispense with the need of springs to absorb road shocks, also reducing skidding and serving as bumpers in the event of collision.

Multiple air chambers prevent sudden deflation, with its attendant dangers, if a puncture should occur. In the proposed design, the car runs on a pair of pneumatic spheres at front and rear, and the driver balances it like a motor cycle by manipulating a steering wheel. Small auxiliary spheres may be extended to hold the car upright while it is standing still or getting under way.”

Source: “The 1935 car of the future Popular Science/Novak Archive via Gizmodo”