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2024 Rimac Nevera EV Hypercar

The 2024 Rimac Nevera EV Hypercar stands as a pinnacle of automotive engineering prowess, delivering mind-bending performance and exclusivity that surpasses even the most revered supercars in the market. Let's delve into the key aspects of this electrifying masterpiece:

Performance and Powertrain:

  • Electric Powerhouse: The Rimac Nevera is propelled by a four-motor fully-electric powertrain, with a carbon-sleeved permanent-magnet AC synchronous motor at each wheel, paired with a one-speed direct-drive transmission.

  • Astounding Power Output: With a maximum battery output of 1877 horsepower, the Nevera generates an awe-inspiring 1813 horsepower at the motors. Front motors produce 303 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque each, while rear units deliver a staggering 603 horsepower and 664 pound-feet each.

  • Record-breaking Acceleration: Rimac claims the Nevera can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 1.85 seconds, with a quarter-mile time of 8.6 seconds. These figures, achieved on a prepped drag strip, set new standards in acceleration performance.

  • Mind-boggling Top Speed: The Nevera boasts a claimed top speed of 258 mph, making it one of the fastest production cars ever created.

Range and Battery:

  • Massive Battery Capacity: The Nevera is equipped with a massive 117.0-kWh battery pack, strategically positioned between and behind the seats, with additional cells spread under the driver and passenger footwells.

  • Respectable Range: Despite its focus on performance, the Nevera still manages a respectable estimated range of 205 miles according to the EPA.

Pricing and Exclusivity:

  • Million-dollar Price Tag: With a starting price expected around $2.2 million and reaching up to $3 million depending on trim and options, the Nevera commands a price fitting for its uber-rich clientele.

  • Ultra-limited Production: Limited to just 150 units, the Rimac Nevera epitomizes exclusivity in the automotive world, with each car meticulously crafted to cater to the desires of discerning customers.

  • Exclusive Time Attack Model: For the most discerning enthusiasts, Rimac offers the Time Attack model, limited to just a dozen units and adorned with an exclusive livery celebrating the company's record-breaking achievements.

Interior and Design:

  • Breathtaking Interior: Inside the Nevera, opulence meets performance, with custom-built cabins offering a range of materials, colors, and stitching options to suit individual preferences.

  • Carbon Monocoque Construction: The entire car is fashioned from a carbon monocoque, showcasing bare carbon fiber elements across the dashboard, center console, and steering column, complemented by luxurious suede and shiny billet aluminum accents.


The 2024 Rimac Nevera EV Hypercar transcends the boundaries of conventional automotive performance, setting new standards in acceleration, speed, and exclusivity. With its unparalleled power, limited production run, and meticulous craftsmanship, the Nevera represents the epitome of automotive engineering excellence, leaving a lasting impression on enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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