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2024 Geparda (Volkswagen up!)

The 2024 Geparda offers a unique solution for young drivers eager to hit the road before reaching legal driving age. In a market where miniature vehicles are gaining popularity, Geparda introduces a stylish option based on the Volkswagen Up! With its L5e registration, the Geparda allows under-18 drivers to experience the thrill of driving without the need for a full driving license.

Derived from the Volkswagen Up!, the Geparda is designed to meet the regulations for light motor vehicles, offering more than 20 PS and a weight limit of 1,000 kg. Notably, thanks to a special regulation allowing twin tires, the Geparda can be equipped with four wheels instead of the typical three. This configuration ensures stability and safety for young drivers navigating city streets or even motorways.

Under the hood, the Geparda boasts a standard 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine from VW, albeit detuned to 20 PS for compliance with regulations. Paired with a manual 5-speed gearbox, the Geparda delivers a sporty driving experience with a top speed of 68 mph (110 km/h) on straightaways. Safety features such as ESP, ABS, airbags, and air conditioning enhance the driving experience and ensure peace of mind for both young drivers and their parents.

With its agile performance and modern amenities, the Geparda aims to offer a blend of excitement and practicality for young drivers. Although pricing details are not explicitly provided on the manufacturer's website, the Geparda is positioned as a premium option, reflecting the investment parents are willing to make for their children's driving experience. Despite its cost, the Geparda represents a compelling choice for families seeking a safe and stylish entry-level vehicle for young drivers.