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2024 DAMD Suzuki Jimny "Little Δ"

Get ready for a fierce transformation! Japanese tuner DAMD has unveiled the "Little Δ" body kit for the Suzuki Jimny, directly inspired by the legendary Lancia Delta Integrale. This aggressive makeover pays tribute to a rally icon, injecting a dose of Italian racing heritage into the beloved off-roader.

A Faithful Tribute to the Lancia Delta Integrale:

The "Little Δ" leaves no room for guessing its inspiration. Four circular headlights and matching yellow fog lamps faithfully replicate the Lancia Delta Integrale's distinctive look. The split radiator grille and a racing stripe running down the center further solidify the connection.

But DAMD doesn't stop there. To emphasize the rally-inspired heritage, they've equipped the "Little Δ" with a massive rear wing, adding a touch of aggressive aerodynamics and completing the transformation into a miniature rally monster.

More Than Just a Visual Feast:

Beyond its striking visuals, the "Little Δ" represents a passionate homage to the Lancia Delta Integrale's rallying prowess. It blends the Italian icon's racing spirit with the Jimny's off-road capability, creating a unique and powerful statement.

The Future of the "Little Δ":

Whether the "Little Δ" kit will see production beyond the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon remains to be seen. However, one thing's clear: DAMD has delivered a visually captivating and historically significant tribute to the Lancia Delta Integrale. They have sparked conversations about the possibilities of car customization and cultural influences, leaving car enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this exciting story.

Does the "Little Δ" capture the essence of the Lancia Delta Integrale for you? Share your thoughts in the comments!