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2003 Sbarro Citroën Berlingo Bourlingueur Concept

The 2003 Sbarro Citroën Berlingo Bourlingueur Concept is a striking transformation of the practical Citroën Berlingo into an outdoor-inspired, rugged vehicle reminiscent of a Hummer. The design modifications are extensive and geared towards enhancing off-road capability and visual impact.

One of the standout features of the Bourlingueur is its lowered roofline by 10 centimeters, maintaining an overall height of 1.85 meters due to increased ground clearance of 40 centimeters. The vehicle boasts "suicide" doors and the absence of a B pillar, allowing excellent access to the interior. The widened wheel arches contribute to its substantial width of 2 meters, giving it a commanding presence on the road.

New front and rear bumpers, along with running boards, add to the Bourlingueur's aggressive styling. The vehicle rides on oversized 17-inch wheels, further emphasizing its off-road capability and rugged demeanor.

Under the hood, the Berlingo Bourlingueur is powered by a potent 220 horsepower V6 engine, a significant upgrade from the standard four-cylinder and diesel engines. The V6 engine, borrowed from the Citroën C5 or Peugeot 406, provides ample power for this transformed concept. Despite the powerful engine, the vehicle remains front-wheel drive, benefiting from improved FAM traction technology, though specific details on this technology are not provided.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the concept, with unique touches such as the chevron-stamped cover on the engine block and a split windscreen design with wipers fixed at the top. The interior is finished in a color matching the body, contributing to the cohesive and striking appearance of the Bourlingueur.

Overall, the 2003 Sbarro Citroën Berlingo Bourlingueur Concept is a testament to creative design and engineering, transforming a utilitarian vehicle into a bold leisure vehicle that embodies escape and adventure for urban dwellers with a taste for exploration.

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