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1996 Citroën Berlingo Bulle

Citroën unveiled three concept car versions of the new Berlingo at the 1996 Paris Salon. The Bulle (Bubble) was presented at the 1996 Paris Auto Show based on the Citroën Berlingo. Great attention was paid to the rear passenger space, and overall legroom was increased by extending the body. The individual rear seats could also be folded flat for additional luggage space. Powered by a 103-horsepower 1761cc engine, the Bulle also seated the four passengers in a conventional atmosphere with orange accents. Built-in cooperation with Heuliez, the Bulle was never intended to go into production, despite its conventional appearance.

The Bulle or "Bubble" is a bold new vision of a family car that breaks the traditional mold. Designed to be both practical and fun, it presents a nice, harmonious shape on the outside with lots of round and oval shapes. At the same time, on the inside, it is exceptionally roomy, airy, and welcoming.

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Images: Andre LE ROUX Site;