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1986 Citroën Aventure by Sbarro

This small SUV is extrapolated Citroën C15, itself derived from the Citroën Visa. The engine comes from a Citroën Visa GTi and develops 115 horsepower. The interior has 7 seats and numerous storage tips. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show.

Engine & performance:

  • Position:

  • Type: Peugeot 205 GTI, 4-cylinder

  • Capacity: 1580 cc

  • Power: 115 hp @ 6250 rpm

  • Torque: 134 Nm @ 4000 rpm


  • Length: 4200 mm

  • Width: 1680 mm

  • Height: 1600 mm

Press release issued by Citroen, September 30, 1986 (PR.86/56/JPC/LR)

Citroen, in collaboration with the coachbuilder Franco Sbarro, conducted from a platform mechanics C15 equipped with the engine of a Citroën Visa GTI, a vehicle with 7 seats, 3 doors: "adventure". The outside line is that of a sedan with a multi form of the rear elevation to obtain a useful height of 1.20 m at the rear of the cabin. Two large side doors allow easy access for front seats and head offices. The back door opens up 90 degrees for easier access to the rear compartment and full utilization of useful volume. Inside, "Aventure" is presented in the guise of a family sedan comfort. Livability offered is remarkable seven people can travel comfortably with their luggage, two front, three on the bench adjustable center 2/3 - 1/3, and two on the folding and swiveling seats located at the back. Many very clever storage on the dashboard in the door panels ... contribute to passenger comfort. A bag is incorporated into the rear door.

Source: Sbarro Citroën C15 Aventure, 1986.

Images: Citroen

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