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1985-1989 Ferrari 412 by Pininfarina

More improvements came in 1985 when the Ferrari 400i became the 412, coming with more style and power. Design-wise, the Ferrari 412 got a raised rear deck to allow for more luggage space, body-colored bumpers, a black chin spoiler, a black rear valence incorporating the fog lamps and exhausts, and new flat-faced five-spoke rims.

The engine got bored 1 mm to increase the displacement to 5 liters, so every cylinder should be exactly 412 cc, and name the model accordingly. The 5-speed manual and 3-speed automatic gearboxes have been carried over, but the GT and Automatic badges denoting them were dropped. 576 units were made, with production stopping in 1989, followed by three years without a direct replacement.


Images: Pininfarina