1993 Mitsubishi FieldGuard

Presented at the 30th Tokyo Motor Show, an amphibious prototype based on the 2nd generation Pajero which was explicitly designed for use by rescue services. The concept made an appearance in the 1999 Jackie Chan movie “Gorgeous.”

The FieldGuard is based on Pajero nodes. It is a four-wheel-drive, two-seater vehicle for rescue teams in disaster areas for nature conservation services. The shape of the lower part of the body is such that hydrodynamic resistance when driving through water or swamps is minimal. Large 18-inch wheels and small overhangs allow you to move confidently over rough terrain. Add a winch, ten gears in the transmission, and the ability to increase the ground clearance by 80-100mm. In terms of size (and weight), "Feld-Guard" is close to our UA3-3151, but the engine with the same working volume (2.5 liters) is more powerful (105 hp) than that of the Russian jeep.

Source: L. SHUGUROV "Look into the magic ball" - "Behind the wheel," May 1994

Images: Mitsubishi; JOHN LLOYD Collection