1978 Volkswagen Phoenix

Initially discovered in the March 1978 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine, the camper was later seen in the blockbuster movie Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Based on a VW minibus frame that’s had some serious protracting done to it, the Phoenix converted into a 3.5 meter-wide tent for four and had space for a sink, stove, and an icebox.

It was designed as a do-it-yourself alteration. Provided you can get your hands on an old VW chassis; you can build your own today by ordering the plans from automotive DIY-er Robert Q. Riley.

Source: Abgefahrener Camper auf VW-Basis aus dem Jahr 1973, der in .... https://www.kraftfuttermischwerk.de/blogg/abgefahrener-camper-auf-vw-basis-aus-dem-jahr-1973-der-in-total-recall-gezeigt-wurde/