1968 Jean Pierre Ponthieu “Automodule”

“You have to create something beautiful and unusual in the face of what is banal and often ugly, that helps people smile”, from Jean Pierre Ponthieu, a multi-card inventor who worked in the automotive industry, of fashion and decoration, corresponded to its Automodule.

It was not until 1968 that the “automodules” were born, cars shaped like flying saucers. The “automodules” succeed the “Pussycar’s”, the smallest cars in the world (at the time), and the “Chitty-Chitty-bang-bang”, the world's largest car (at the time).

The unique design and surrealist functions of the "Automodule" definitely made this vehicle the focal point of all eyes in 1968. This spherical machine was considered "The Car of the Year 2000"!

Powered by a 250cc single-cylinder engine propelling the machine at 50 km/h, its wheels allow it to go in all directions. Produced in only 10 units, this “promotional” car is nonetheless a concept with unique charm.

📚: 10/14/16 on GatsbyOnline.com (translated from French)

📸: GatsbyOnline.com