1953 Lincoln XL-500

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

1953 XL-500 had the pushbutton transmission in the steering wheel, telephone and dictaphone, and automatic jacks that lifted it for repairs. Advanced sports car styling is combined with practicability and dignity in Ford Motor Company’s experimental design model - the XL-500. Newest in the continuous staff, the XL-500 offers a glimpse of what is ahead in automotive styling and mechanical features. Designed to accommodate comfortably four adult passengers, the XL-500 has a scarlet fiberglass body and an all-glass roof. Less than 57 inches high? it has arched rear fenders that permit the frame to ride closer to the road. The first public appearance of the model will be in the Lincoln-Mercury exhibit at the Chicago Automobile Show, March 14 - 22.

Three separate bumpers protect the rear section of this experimental design model car - the XL-500 - which has been developed by Ford Motor Company for display as a portion of the Lincoln-Mercury exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show. The main rear bumper protrudes from the body deck, with two other vertical bumpers integrated into each of the tail light assemblies. Arched rear fenders and an all-glass roof supported by graceful supports are exterior features that characterize the experimental XL-500 design.

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