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1998 Ford Touring Ka

The Turing Ka, a 4-door, 4-seater concept car based on the successful Ford Ka, is unveiled on the Ghia stand at the Turin International Motor Show.

"Ka has an extremely inspirational and thought-provoking design. You really feel a passion for Ka and want to take the concept into new territories and different roles, to build on its success. That is exactly what we have done here," said the head of Ghia, Filippo Sapino.

The Turing Ka has been designed as a sophisticated sports wagon, not only for urban driving but also for long-distance touring. The stretched Ka platform uses many carry-over body parts, including the tailgate and most of the roof. Wide wheel arches accommodate 17" racing wheels with low-profile 205/40 tires, and the exhaust now exits at the center.

Turing Ka is fitted with the 1.7-litre 125 PS Zetec SE engine normally found in the Ford Puma, which powers to a top speed of 203 km/h. Powerful 4-wheel disc brakes complete the performance credentials. Puma and Ka are both built on the acclaimed Fiesta chassis, and the appearance of the Turing Ka underlines once more the variety of vehicles, each with very different character, which can be developed from the right common platform.

The new tailored interior design reflects the freshness of Ka but adds deep bucket seats finished in dark blue and tan leather and wild boar suede to underline its sporting character. A complete set of soft luggage makes most of Turin Ka's luggage space. Outside, the striking Zinc Yellow paintwork contrasts with titanium-grey bumpers.

"There is a strong visual link to Ka - we have just allowed ourselves to explore one dimension of its character. The result is a Ka on steroids," said Filippo Sapino. "Ford have now asked us to examine other concepts, also based on Ka, which will fulfill different needs."

Source: Ford