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1985 Ford Probe V Concept by Ghia

The Ford Probe V was the final advance in that series of aerodynamic concepts built by Ghia, being built in 1985. It achieved a 10% reduction in drag coefficient, achieving a 0.137 Cd compared to the Probe IV’s 0.152 Cd. The Probe V represents a subtle refinement of the Probe IV. Along with being more efficient aerodynamically than Probe IV, Probe V has more character than its technically-styled predecessor. A two-door Probe V uses a novel door design that swings out on short parallelogram hinges until it clears the side of the body, then slides back out of the way, creating wide and unobstructed interior access.

Probe V also further develops the flexible membrane front-wheel skirt seals introduced on Probe IV. However, the Probe V skirt seals are integrated into the body’s outer surface, so when the front wheels are turned, the membrane flexes to clear the tires.

The Probe V greenhouse is all glass, including the roof. It is full of many other small technical and functional novelties such as the heads-up display, instrumentation that repositions with the steering wheel, and a rear window that operates much the same as the doors, sliding out of the way instead of being on conventional hinges. Probe V even has roll-up rear seats. Helping achieve a smooth and aerodynamic profile, Probe V is also mid-engined, a notable technical accomplishment in a four-seat sedan.

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