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2023 Toyota FT-Se Concept

Toyota's 2023 FT-Se Concept takes center stage as a promising mid-engine sports car, showcased at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show. With a striking design, the FT-Se hints at a connection with Toyota's MR2 legacy, known for its two-seater sports cars produced from 1984 to 2007. Despite the "mid-engine" appearance, it's an all-electric vehicle, sharing a platform with Lexus electric models like the LF-ZC sedan and LF-ZL large crossover.

Emblazoned with the Gazoo Racing emblem instead of the traditional Toyota oval, the FT-Se features a distinct rectangular steering wheel, side screens, and a robust center console. Notably, Toyota had displayed a similar vehicle two years prior, indicating a consistent commitment to the concept. Interestingly, there's a buzz about a potential manual transmission, showcasing Toyota's dedication to enhancing the driver-car connection.

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance BEV Model: Positioned as a high-performance Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), the FT-Se aligns with Toyota GAZOO Racing's pursuit of excellence in motorsports and carbon-neutral sports cars.

  2. Platform and Components: Sharing major components with the FT-3e, the FT-Se aims for superior handling stability and aerodynamic performance. Toyota envisions the car evolving with the driver through software updates.

  3. Design Highlights: The FT-Se boasts wide, low proportions with a cutting-edge silhouette for reduced aerodynamic drag. The full-digital cockpit promises an immersive driving experience, featuring intuitive controls and a low instrument panel profile for heightened visibility.

  4. Potential Mass Production: The layout analysis suggests the FT-Se could be poised for mass production, with Toyota hinting at this possibility. The excitement peaks with the prospect of a manual transmission, a thoughtful touch for driving enthusiasts.

As Toyota continues to push boundaries in the electric vehicle realm, the FT-Se Concept stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, performance, and the thrill of driving.

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