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2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept

The Alfa Romeo Kamal, introduced at the 73rd Geneva International Motor Show in 2003, represents a significant leap forward in the automotive world, blending tradition with innovation to create a unique concept car. Named after the Sanskrit word for 'red' and also symbolizing 'perfection' or the 'synthesis of opposites' in Arabic, the Kamal embodies a fusion of cultures and ideas.

Designed to evoke Alfa Romeo's illustrious heritage in the sports car sector while also embracing future developments in the SUV and MPV segments, the Kamal redefines the concept of 'elegant sportiness'. It combines the off-road capability of an SUV with the driving dynamics of a compact Alfa Romeo, all packaged within a versatile and functional passenger compartment.

With a length of 435 centimeters, width of 186 centimeters, and height of 162 centimeters, the Kamal offers a unique blend of dimensions, making it exceptionally agile for city driving while also capable of tackling rough terrain. The four-door design includes a novel opening system, with front doors opening conventionally and rear doors hinged at the side, enhancing accessibility and functionality.

The interior of the Kamal is equally innovative, featuring a rear window that opens independently of the tailgate, a split-opening tailgate for easy loading, and a spacious luggage compartment exceeding 400 liters. Clever storage solutions, including oddment compartments and glass recesses in the central tunnel, enhance practicality and versatility.

Under the hood, the Kamal is powered by a potent 3.2-liter V6 engine, delivering 250 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque. Paired with a Selespeed gearbox derived from Formula 1 technology, the Kamal offers exhilarating performance and precise handling, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience on any terrain.

The exterior design of the Kamal reflects its dynamic capabilities, with a long bonnet, small roof positioned towards the rear, and wraparound glazing creating a sense of balance and proportion. Signature Alfa Romeo elements, such as the distinctive three-leaf clover front grille and horizontally oriented rear lights, add to the car's sporty appeal.

Overall, the Alfa Romeo Kamal represents a bold vision for the future of automotive design, combining elegance, versatility, and performance in a package that is unmistakably Alfa Romeo.

Source & Images; Alfa Romeo

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