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2002 Lincoln Continental Concept

The 2002 Lincoln Continental Concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show represents a striking blend of classic American luxury and futuristic design elements. Conceived as the ultimate expression of executive luxury, this concept car embodies nearly two years of meticulous research and development by the Lincoln design team. While paying homage to Lincoln's rich heritage, the Continental Concept embraces modernity with its unique proportions and innovative features.

One of the key objectives of the design team was to maximize interior space and enhance accessibility, resulting in a cabin centered within the wheelbase. This design approach allows for exceptionally spacious passenger accommodations and a generously sized trunk. Adding to its allure is a potent 6.0-liter V-12 engine nestled under the hood, promising formidable performance befitting its luxurious demeanor.

The Continental Concept exudes sophistication and elegance both inside and out. Its exterior design incorporates subtle nods to Lincoln's past, such as center-opening doors, while maintaining a thoroughly modern aesthetic. The powered center-opening doors, activated by remote or a simple touch, create an expansive pillarless aperture, facilitating effortless ingress and egress.

Inside, the Continental Concept indulges occupants with a sumptuous interior adorned with luxurious materials and advanced technologies. Full-grain aniline leather, dyed in a creamy hue called Rhode Island Sand, drapes the headliner and Eames lounge chair-inspired seats. The full-width instrument panel houses reconfigurable displays for engine functions, vehicle systems, and entertainment features, offering both convenience and sophistication.

Furthermore, the Continental Concept boasts thoughtful amenities designed to enhance comfort and convenience, such as built-in laptop tables, attaché case holders, and a cabinet with crystal and a drinks dispenser between the rear seats. Personalization options abound, with compartments tailored to accommodate items like umbrellas and cigar humidors.

Despite its status as a concept car, the Lincoln Continental Concept captivates with its timeless elegance and forward-thinking design, serving as a testament to Lincoln's commitment to luxury and innovation. While the production version never materialized due to restructuring plans, its enduring legacy lives on as a symbol of automotive excellence and ingenuity.

Source & Images: Ford Motor Company; RM Auctions