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2001 Ford R5 Concept Truck

The 2001 Ford R5 Concept showcases a unique adaptive four-wheel-drive system tailored for the show car, distributing power to all wheels through an electronic management system. Under normal conditions, the power is split 60/40 between the rear and front wheels. The R5 is based on a Falcon ute platform, featuring a stretched cabin, unique rear opposed doors, and a shortened ute tub. The exterior is characterized by an athletic stance, increased ride height, high-mount driving lights, and a distinctive 'Uluru Sunset' paint scheme, transitioning from yellow to purple depending on lighting conditions.

The rugged exterior design includes a deeply sculptured front bumper, wheel arch flares, integrated side skirts, and 17" wheels, providing a purposeful appearance. The front bumper houses a mesh grille, quad-beam headlights, and low-mounted driving lights. An integrated sports bar with Hella lights is mounted on the tub behind the cabin, offering versatility for add-ons like a canopy, tonneau cover, or integrated bike racks. Attention to detail is evident in features like machined aluminum tie downs for the tonneau cover.

Inside, the R5 boasts a futuristic combination of form and function. The five seats are trimmed in Eucalypt suede with brushed aluminum highlights. The central display unit (CDU) controls various in-car electronics, including telematics, sound system, climate control, navigation, and communication equipment. The rear seat has a 60/40 split for access to the load area, enhancing practicality.

Mechanically, the R5 is powered by a 220kW 5.0-liter V8 paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. Large four-wheel discs with twin-pot calipers, ABS brakes, and traction control ensure superior performance. Safety features include an electric winch, sideport exhaust outlets, and a unique rear bumper with a 240v power socket and a 50-liter onboard water tank outlet.

The Ford R5 Concept is a recreational utility vehicle aimed at the active market. It blends urban functionality with off-road capabilities. While bold and rugged, the concept car remains within the realm of possibility, showcasing Ford's commitment to innovation and design.

The R5 Concept pays homage to the original coupe utility designed by Lew Bandt almost 70 years ago, taking the ute concept to a new level by combining practicality, performance, and versatility. Ford Australia President, Geoff Polites, emphasizes the vehicle's recreation-focused features, offering travel and activity options for customers in various settings, be it in the city, at the beach, or under the starlit sky of the Australian outback. The concept car was showcased at the Melbourne Motor Show in 2000, reflecting Ford's dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive design and functionality.

Source & Images: Ford

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