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1998 Hyundai Euro-I

The Frankfurt Design Centre spent about three years (from 1996) and approximately 643,000 to develop the EURO-1. The open-top, 2-seat roadster is a classic sports car with 6-speed transmission. Aimed at the European market, the mid-engine EURO-1 has rear-wheel drive and a 2.0 beta power plant. The tailpipe is positioned in the middle, giving the rear a solid triangular look.

The EURO-1 measures 3,725mm long, 1,760mm wide, and 1,150mm high, and the wheelbase is 2,500mm. The platform is a honeycomb-sandwich structure of carbon fiber and epoxy material, so the main chassis weighs only 50 kilograms. The platform is light but highly rigid. The driver shifts the gears of the 6-speed semi-automatic transmission by twisting on a lever attached to the steering wheel rim. Some of the gauges are placed on the door trim on the driver's side.

Source: Hyundai