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1994 Eagle Vision Aerie

Chrysler showcased this enhanced version of the then-fresh Eagle Vision at the 1994 Chicago Auto Show amidst what seems like bubble wrap. The Eagle Vision Aerie Concept benefited from a pokier development of the 3.5-liter V6 under the hood: the regular, consumer-issue unit had 214 horsepower, but the one in the Aerie was said to produce as much as 274 horses. As well as the improved engine, the Aerie had fancy phone and fax capabilities with an automated emergency call system.

In any case, the Vision was short-lived in Eagle guise, even if the capable FWD platform ended up birthing the even-more-swoopy Chrysler 300M. The Vision nameplate died without siring a son, and there were no latter-day Talons to accompany Mitsubishi Eclipse sales. But looking at the concept’s front-end treatment, there’s something unanswered deep inside that can only be brought to the light of day via PhotoShop.

Ta-dah! The Aerie’s bumper with those handsome new air intakes is just asking to be accompanied with the Alfa Romeo family crest – especially as you follow the lines of the hood. If the Alfa Romeo 164 wasn’t a clear-cut success on the North American market, it makes almost complete sense to rebadge a similarly front-wheel-drive, V6-engined large saloon to secure some sales. The Alfa Romeo Aerie would even sound good as a nameplate.

With bespoke Italian leather featuring some reassuring Alfa Romeo emblems on the headrests and perhaps adding a Momo-sourced steering wheel, you wouldn’t be far off. The Quadrifoglio Beige?

Looking at the recently unveiled Giulia, the front ends’ air intakes parallel each other. It’s almost a shame there are no sun-baked, Alfa-fied Visions to be found on Craigslist for LeMons money. Why was Fiat Chrysler born too late?


Images: Chrysler Corporation

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