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1991 AZLK Yauza

In the early nineties, AZLK was still one of the largest automotive enterprises in the USSR. Since the end of the 80s, the automobile plant has been conducting design and experimental work to create several new car designs, one of which was the "Moskvich-2143". The car was created using components and assemblies "Moskvich-2141". Its prototypes, which received their name "Yauza," were born in 1991, when significant socio-economic transformations occurred throughout the country.

"Yauza" was made in the style of biodesign, which was fashionable at that time - a rounded body, smooth transitions of a few planes. The car had a very controversial appearance even at that time. Still, the internal "Yauza" greatly surpassed the then products of the USSR automobile industry: an injury-safe steering wheel, a new instrument cluster, power windows, a standard Bylina audio system, a domestic on-board computer, a promising 95-horsepower gasoline engine " Moskvich-414 "with a volume of 1.8 liters, it was even supposed to produce an all-wheel-drive version (the all-wheel-drive transmission was tested on the Moskvich-21416 model).

In total, three prototypes of the Yauza were created.


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