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1955 Lincoln Capri Woodie Sportsman Convertible Show Car

In 1955, Lincoln built twelve "Colour Cars" to display at Auto Shows throughout the United States. Each was specially designed to appeal to buyers in different parts of the country. The Sahara for example was finished in beige with an earth tone interior for the southwestern market while the Sportsman was designed to evoke a feeling of the great outdoors for buyers in the Southeast. Based on an otherwise standard 1955 Lincoln Capri Convertible, the sportsman has paneled with Honduras teak Formica, which is framed in genuine maple to emulate the woody convertibles, built in the '40s. Lincoln carried the outdoor motif into the interior by also using wood on the steering wheel, gearshift knob, and directional signal lever knob. The interior also features pigskin leather inserts in the seats. This is a very unusual styling car that represented a design theme of the time. These twelve "Colour Cars" were featured for a time in the Rotunda.

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