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2002 Chevrolet Journey Concept

In 2002, GM do Brasil unveiled the Chevrolet Journey concept car at the Sao Paulo Auto Show, following a preview of a designer's sketch the previous August. Developed by GM do Brasil's design team, the Journey embodied a bold and athletic exterior design, reflecting the active lifestyle and adventurous spirit of Chevrolet enthusiasts across Brazil.

Combining elements of an SUV and a sports wagon, the Journey defied classification, offering a spacious and versatile interior within a compact package. Based on the Zafira MPV platform, it featured three rows of flexible seating for maximum adaptability.

David Rand, Design Director of GMB, emphasized the Journey's departure from traditional SUV designs, with its dynamic aesthetic statement and exceptional utility. The concept's unique proportions, highlighted by 18-inch wheels and 235/50 R18 tires, contributed to its distinctive presence. With a length of 4,380 millimeters and a long wheelbase of 2,703 millimeters, the Journey offered ample interior space while maintaining agility on the road.

The design study of the Journey, initiated in January of that year, introduced several innovative concepts, including advanced front and rear lights and paint technology. Its pearl gray color exhibited a captivating iridescence, changing hues depending on the lighting conditions.

Led by Nelson Barros, GMB design manager, the Journey project aimed to gather customer feedback and influence future designs, although there were no immediate plans for production. The design team at GMB, comprising 70 individuals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds, operated with autonomy and access to state-of-the-art automotive design technology.