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1991 Autech Gavia by Zagato

In 1991, Autech (the then-growing aftermarket sports car brand of Nissan) was built and designed with Zagato styling. The Autech/Nissan/Zagato Gavia. It was the only Nissan that Zagato ever worked on.

It was based on the Leopard but with a VG30DETT engine out of a 300ZX. This was when Nissan put their 280hp (closer to 300) VG30DETT in just about everything and seriously considered a high-performance mid-engine sports car on par with the NSX. The success of the Skyline and 300ZX and changing regulations ended the need.

Later, Zagato and Nissan would end up in lawsuits over the use of the "Z" Logo in the 350Z.

Images: Zagato