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1978 Vauxhall Equus Concept

The Vauxhall Equus was one two-door concept car first presented by Vauxhall in 1978. The name “Equus” is Latin for “Horse.” It was the last concept car from Vauxhall for twenty-five years until August 2003, when the VX Lightning was unveiled as part of the centerpiece to the company’s centenary celebrations.

The Equus was based on the chassis of the Panther Lima, which itself was based on the mechanicals of the Vauxhall Magnum. Panther built the prototype. The Equus was styled by one small team that Wayne Cherry led along with his chief designer John Taylor. The design brief emphasized the use of parts by Vauxhall whenever possible. Work started in October 1977, and the car was unveiled at the Birmingham NEC Motor Show in April 1978. It featured an angular wedge design with Vauxhall’s signature “droop snoot” front end, initially made popular by the Vauxhall Firenza.


  • Engine: 2.3 L (2,279 cc) OHC Vauxhall I4

Source: Vauxhall Equus - Wikiwand.

Images: GM