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1958 Nardi Raggio Azzurro II by Vignale

The Blue Ray No. 2 (Raggio Azzurro V.2) was created in 1958 by Enrico Nardi. The car debuted at the Turin Motor Show in 1958 and later at the New York Motor Show.

Blue Ray No. 2 is constructed on a heavily modified 4th Series Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider chassis. The coachwork was designed by Michelotti and made in steel by Vignale. The car is fitted with a blue Perspex™ roof which slides in tracks to provide ventilation to the cabin. A Lancia Aurelia B20 engine supplies power with Nardi updates, including a camshaft, cast alloy air scoop, and intake manifold accommodating a double-throat Weber 40DCZ5 carburetor. The engine is a 2.5 liter 60-degree V-6 with a bore/stroke of 78mm x 85.5mm producing approximately 140 horsepower. The car has a Nardi floor-mounted gear change and rear-mounted 4-speed Aurelia B20 transaxle with inboard drum brakes. The vehicle has vertical pillar independent front suspension and rear suspension in the form of a de Dion layout with the axle tube supported on conventional half-elliptic leaf springs and laterally by a Panhard rod. The 400 mm. wheels for this car were specially commissioned from Borrani and are of 68-spoke construction with knockoff hubs. These unique wire wheels were subsequently offered as an option for the Aurelia Spiders.