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2024 Bentley Continental GTC by Mulliner and Boodles

The 2024 Bentley Continental GTC by Mulliner and Boodles represents a unique collaboration between two renowned British luxury brands, resulting in a bespoke, one-of-one Bentley convertible. Here are the key highlights of this exceptional creation:

Exterior Design:

  • The exterior features an elegant color palette with an Anthracite finish and a light grey fabric roof that accentuates the Bentley's graceful lines.

  • Mulliner 22-inch wheels painted in Tungsten with a polished finish complement the sophisticated exterior.

  • Subtle accents include a pinstripe in Boodles' signature Powder Pink, tracing along the front spoiler, sills, and rear spoiler.

  • Exclusive 'Boodles 1798' exterior badging adds a touch of distinction to the front fenders.

Interior Craftsmanship:

  • The interior showcases exquisite craftsmanship with a Linen upholstery as the main hide color, paired with pale grey Porpoise secondary hide on specific areas.

  • Boodles' Powder Pink appears as an accent color on the steering wheel, door pockets, and console side pocket lowers.

  • Intricate blind stitch repeat patterns of the interlocking 'Be Boodles' motif adorn the door panels and upper seat backs, showcasing meticulous attention to detail.

  • The centerpiece of the interior is the bespoke 'Be Boodles Bentley' pendant crafted in 18-carat white gold and diamond-set, which is set into the center console as a unique focal point.

  • Dual-finish veneers in Piano Linen and 200-million-year-old Autumn Stone veneer, laser-cut to one-tenth of a millimeter thickness, enhance the interior's luxurious ambiance.

Special Features:

  • Mulliner's Knurling Specification frames dials, bezels, air vents, and controls with a jewel-like finish.

  • 24-carat gold-plated air vent organ stops and a 'Boodles 1798' overlay on the fascia veneer exemplify the blend of luxury and heritage.

  • The Bentley Rotating Display includes a central dial featuring the Boodles jewelry motif, adding a bespoke touch to the cabin experience.

  • Illuminated door sills and engraved treadplates further emphasize the exclusivity of this one-of-one Bentley creation.

Heritage and Collaboration:

  • Mulliner and Boodles, both steeped in centuries of British craftsmanship, joined forces to create this unique Bentley Continental GTC.

  • Boodles, renowned for exceptional jewelry design, contributed its signature style and attention to detail to enhance the Bentley's interior ambiance.

  • The collaboration celebrates the shared heritage and commitment to excellence of these two iconic British luxury brands.

This bespoke Bentley Continental GTC, presented as the Boodles Commission, exemplifies the pinnacle of bespoke luxury automotive craftsmanship. It combines timeless elegance with contemporary design elements and meticulous attention to detail.

Source & Images: Bentley