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2002 SEAT Salsa 2 Concept

The 2002 SEAT Salsa 2 Concept, unveiled at the Madrid Auto Show, represented an updated iteration of the original Salsa concept showcased in 2000 at the Geneva Motor Show. While the exterior underwent a significant transformation, transitioning from shiny silver to a striking solid red hue achieved through the application of seven layers of transparent red resin, the focus of the refresh was primarily on the interior design.

Directed by Walter de’Silva, SEAT’s Design department aimed to infuse the Salsa 2 with a more youthful, sporty, and dynamic character while retaining the essence of the original project's style. The interior underwent notable enhancements, with the instrument panel casing featuring an "original and exclusive" red color complemented by decorative elements in matte aluminum. Notably, areas designated for object storage, such as glove and door compartments, incorporated a transparency effect achieved by securing a black mesh over translucent material.

The 2+2 seating arrangement boasted comfortable, sculpted seats upholstered in a red net-like pattern against a black fabric background, enhancing the sporty aesthetic of the interior. An innovative update featured on the backrests, with the rear-facing portion now crafted from the same metallic-looking material as the passenger compartment floor.

Under the hood, the SEAT Salsa 2 Concept retained the potent 2.8-liter V6 engine generating 250 horsepower, capable of propelling the car from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just 7.5 seconds, with a top speed of 245 kilometers per hour. Paired with a five-speed Tiptronic semi-automatic transmission, the Salsa 2 promised an exhilarating driving experience.

The decision to re-display the Salsa concept, albeit with minor changes, at the Madrid Auto Show hinted at SEAT's contemplation of mass production for such a model or potentially incorporating the Salsa's design elements into existing models. This strategic move underscored SEAT's commitment to innovation and the exploration of new automotive concepts, as evidenced by the 2000 SEAT Salsa Emoción Concept showcased at the 2000 Paris Auto Show, which leveraged the Salsa's platform to introduce a high-tech all-wheel-drive system.

Source & Images: SEAT, S.A.

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