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2000 SEAT Salsa Emoción Concept

Six months following the debut of the 2000 SEAT Salsa Concept at the Geneva Motor Show, SEAT took the wraps off the SEAT Salsa Emoción at the 2000 Autosalon Paris. Positioned as the evolutionary counterpart to the initial Multi Driving concept car, the Salsa Emoción brought new features into play, particularly emphasizing all-road adaptability.

During the design process of the Salsa concept, cutting-edge technology played a pivotal role. The Alias StudioTools Computer-Aided Industrial Design (CAID) software was employed, showcasing SEAT's commitment to utilizing advanced tools in shaping their innovative concepts.

Under the hood, the Salsa Emoción boasted a robust engine configuration:

  • Type: 2.8L 24-valve V6 in 15.0°, DOHC

  • Displacement: 170.317 cubic inches (2791 cc)

  • Power: 247 bhp (184.2 kW) at 6200 RPM

  • Torque: 219 ft·lbf (297 Nm) at 3200 RPM

Ensuring optimal performance and safety, the Salsa Emoción featured vented disc brakes on both the front and rear, complemented by the efficiency of the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). The driveline showcased a Four-wheel-drive system, providing enhanced traction and control. Michelin PAX 225-640 R 460 A Segment SPORT tires, mounted on 7.5J x 18 wheels, added a sporty touch to the exterior.