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2002 Ford GT40 Concept

In 2002, at the North American Auto Show, Ford unveiled the Ford GT40 Concept, a modern-day interpretation of Ford's legendary endurance racer. This release was met with excitement, particularly as Ford announced plans to put the GT40 into production, signaling a revival of the iconic model.

The GT40 Concept was a tribute to the original vehicle that captured the hearts of car enthusiasts in the 1960s. Despite its modern updates, Ford emphasized that the GT40 remained a no-frills machine focused solely on delivering pure, refined performance. Jay Mays, Ford's vice president of Design, highlighted this commitment to performance over luxury features.

The design of the GT40 Concept paid homage to its predecessor while incorporating contemporary elements. Every dimension, curve, and line of the car was a unique reinterpretation of the original GT40 silhouette. While reminiscent of 1960s-era racecars, the GT40 Concept featured fiber-optic headlamps and subtle accent lines for a contemporary aesthetic.

Underpinning the GT40 Concept was an all-new aluminum space frame developed by Ford's Special Vehicle Team Engineering (SVT). This space frame provided a rigid foundation for the engine and driveline, allowing for the use of composite body panels. The concept's suspension, fabricated from scratch, featured unequal-length control arms and a push-rod/bell-crank system for optimal performance.