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1997 Isuzu VX-2

The VX-2 conveys a sporty image as well as spartan proportions. A stunning 4x4 concept car combines the technical look of a motorcycle with the hard-edged aggression of Japanese body armor. Despite its Oriental overtones, the Isuzu VX2 sports coupe project was led by Simon Cox, who was also responsible for the earlier Vehi-CROSS - equally radical and now on sale in Japan.

The thought-provoking exhibit will join many other show cars in a special exhibition hall dedicated to: "Concept Cars Of The 21st Century." It was first seen at last year's 32nd Tokyo Motor Show.

Isuzu's VX2 appears capable of winning the Paris to Dakar Rally, with similar air intakes and outlets to the off-road competition cars and a rugged, go-anywhere stance.

Sizeable 18ins diameter wheels dominate its styling with 255/60 tires inspired by training shoes, especially short overhangs, high ground clearance, and compact body proportions with a much lower roof height than conventional 4x4s.

Large, vertical headlamps sweep up into the front wings, which form a muscular definition to the car's front.

The windscreen is steeply angled and meets a T-bar targa roof arrangement with a triangular spine that acts as an interior air vent. Elsewhere, hard angles are contrasted with soft curves.


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