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1966 Batmobile by George Barris

1966 Batmobile / As depicted in the TV series Batman (1966-1968) and Batman: The Movie (1966). The Batmobile is one vehicle that has become as well known as its co-stars. Evolving from the comic through the various films and, as pictured here, the 1960s TV series. Designed by George Barris.

In 1955, a futuristic-style concept car, the Lincoln Futura, was presented to the public, handcrafted by the Italian coachbuilder Ghia in Turin. Like most concept cars, the fate of the Lincoln Futura is unenviable - it remained in a single version.

Decades later, George Barris bought the concept car from Ford for a rumored one dollar, after which the Futura was listed in Barris's private collection for several years, until one day he was approached by the producers of the American television channel ABC. They wanted Barris to design a vehicle for the protagonist of the new Man-Bat television series, Batman. At the same time, the deadlines for completing the order were very limited - three weeks were given for everything about everything.

George remembered the Futura, the menacing front of the car, and the similar rear view - it was exactly what he needed. This concept car became the basis for the legendary Batman car - the Batmobile. The project was completed on schedule. The body was covered with as many as 40 coats of black paint with combined cherry red stripes. The car looked not only futuristic and solemn but also resembled a spaceship. The front of the hood was made in the form of a bat's head. The designers outfitted the concept with the Batscope Surveillance System, the Bateye Anti-Theft Control System, the Batcave Location Device, and the Batray Laser. The body and windows of the car were made of bulletproof materials. Driving such a car, Batman was simply invulnerable.

In addition to the Batmobile, the Barris brothers' company, Barris Kustom Industries, worked on dozens of movie cars. Barris' custom cars created a unique atmosphere on the screen, thanks to which comic and fictional characters became almost tangible. These creations included DRAG-U-LA mobile coffin for the Monsters series, the Flintstones car, and the Ford Torino for Starsky and Hooch.


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