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1957 Ferrari 4.9 Superfast by Pininfarina

In the world of classic sports cars, few names command as much respect and admiration as Ferrari. Known for their exceptional performance, beautiful styling, and unparalleled engineering, Ferrari cars have been sought after by collectors and enthusiasts for decades. One of the most sought-after models from the late 1950s is the 1957 Ferrari 4.9 Superfast, designed by Pininfarina.

Seven of the "standard" Farina-designed models were produced, with minor variations. When 410 production started again for the 1957 and 1958 Ferrari Superamerica and Superfast, the cars had the 102.4-inch wheelbase as seen on the Superfast in 1956. Despite the shorter wheelbase, the body configuration continued as on previous Farina-built models. The change usually went unnoticed, as the length reduction had been removed from the doors.

Two special second-series 410s were also built during this time. One was a tail-finned, somewhat rounded coupe by Scaglietti, and the other was a second Superfast by Pinin Farina. The former used a stainless-steel top and strutted enough chrome trim to be unusual for both Scaglietti and Ferrari. While the overall shape was not bad, the use of two-tone paint and the excess brightwork made the final result questionable to some.

On the other hand, the second Superfast, designed by Pinin Farina, was a hit. It wore a front-end treatment similar to the first but did not share its rear fenders. The car was sold to American Jan de Vroom after the 1957 Turin Auto Show, and it was the subject of a road test by Sports Cars Illustrated for its September 1958 issue. The car flew through the quarter-mile in just 13.9 seconds, with a terminal speed of 108 mph. This made it the fastest car the magazine had ever tested, cementing its place in automotive history.

The 1957 Ferrari 4.9 Superfast, designed by Pininfarina, is a rare and exquisite sports car that continues to capture the attention and imagination of car enthusiasts worldwide. Its status as the fastest car ever tested by Sports Cars Illustrated is a testament to its enduring appeal. Its beautiful styling and exceptional performance make it a true gem of the Ferrari marque.

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