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1935 Rolls-Royce "Woodie" Shooting Brake

Since Rolls-Royce never actually made any "Woodie" Wagons, this particular car started life as a custom-bodied four-door sedan. It undoubtedly served as reliable transportation for some well-to-do English families for the first 11 or 12 years of its life. Shortly after World War II, a group of fraternity brothers from Yale University decided to spend the summer touring England. They purchased this car to use as their transportation while there.

When the time came to return to the US, these young men decided that their Rolls purchase was such a great car that they'd ship it back to the States and continue using it. As the story goes, this Rolls provided many years of loyal service to these young men as the frat house "drunk bus" shuttling intoxicated frat brothers around to the local New Haven bars and safely back home. Unfortunately, the car spent a freezing night outside without antifreeze at some point, which resulted in a frozen and busted engine block. It then spent some time languishing behind the frat house until the current owner purchased it in 1979 and began slowly transforming into what you see today.