1919 Citroen Type A

The Citroën Type A was produced from June 1919 to December 1921 in Paris, France. It was the first car Citroën made. 24,093 were made. In fact, the first Citroën was also the first mass-produced car in Europe. Model "A", also known as "10 PS 8/10", had a four-cylinder in-line engine with a volume of 1327 cc and 18 hp. at 2100 rpm, it was distinguished by ease, ease of control. She had a wonderful soft suspension that later became typical of all Citroëns. The engine and clutch were combined in one unit. All this has created Citroen's reputation for being a very simple and easy-to-drive car and has contributed a lot to the success among the public.

📚: Adapted from: CITROEN HISTORY


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