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2001 MG X80 Concept

The 2001 MG X80 Concept emerged as a promising venture under the ownership of MG Rover Cars, which acquired the Qvale group in June 2001. The concept, displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, provided a glimpse into the future production MG X80 coupe, anticipated to hit production with an aluminum body.

Based on the Qvale Mangusta, the X80 inherited its chassis setup and engine specifications. The pre-production concept car showcased in Frankfurt incorporated the V8 4.6 engine and a rear-wheel-drive layout, establishing its sporting credentials. Peter Stevens, the chief designer of MG Rover Cars, took charge of styling, drawing inspiration from the Qvale Mangusta's chassis and the V8 engine.

The X80 boasted a Mustang V8 engine with a displacement of 4600 cc, delivering a robust 385 bhp and an impressive specific output of 83.7 bhp per liter. The choice of a powerful engine aligned with the sporting lineage of MG cars. The concept featured an aluminum body, emphasizing weight reduction and performance.

While much of the styling was influenced by the Qvale Mangusta's taller chassis and V8 engine, the X80 aimed to carry forward the MG legacy. The overall design, though drawing comparisons to cars from various regions, retained an English touch in certain elements, such as the smooth line of the rear wings.

MG Rover Cars expressed intentions to bring the MG X80 into production, featuring an aluminum body. The expected timeline for production was set for the following summer, with plans to introduce a roadster variant in 2003. The concept represented a strategic move to revitalize the MG brand under new ownership.

Images: MG