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1999 Chevrolet Tandem 2000

The Chevrolet Tandem 2000 concept was created during the energy crisis as a light, inexpensive and economical vehicle for two. They built a car from what was available.

The frame is welded from steel pipes of rectangular cross-section (50x100 mm), a fiberglass body, and the floor is made of a 2mm aluminum sheet. There are no bumpers. A carbureted 2 liter 4-cylinder engine is located at the rear transversely, in front of it - behind the back of the rear seat (the passenger sits behind the driver) - a 30-liter gas tank. The transmission is automatic. Most of the suspension elements are taken from the Fiero - the torpedo and steering column. The seats, steering wheel, and rear optics were from Corvette, mirrors from Camaro, in general, everything went into business.

The steering does not have an amplifier, there is no musical installation, but there is an air conditioner, the nodes of which are pushed over the wings. The rear fenders house a radiator for the engine cooling system and a battery. Dimensions - 4445x1493x1240 mm, track - 1519 mm, wheelbase - 2913 mm, ground clearance - 140 mm. The car weighs a little over a ton. Despite the rear location of the motor, the axle weight distribution is not the best - 61/39.

Source:; «Торжество индивидуальности» (Михаил Васильев) - Журнал «МОТОР», Декабрь 1999 года (Translated from Russian to English)

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